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About Me

These photographs reveal my incurable curiosity about how things look through a camera. My lens prefers the intimate to the iconic, the simple to the complicated, the creative to the documentary, the harmonious to the disturbing. With photography I try to create a visual poem. Instead of words, metaphors and line breaks, I use light, tone and texture to reveal a new view of a subject that may have been seen many times before.

In a world that often seems confused, unpredictable and even chaotic, my intention is to offer glimpses of order that invite contemplation. These images explore the natural world and its nuances, and the potential of everyday items to suggest cohesion and contentment when artfully grouped together. I am especially interested in expressing flowers as abstract art, conveying the majesty of western landscapes through black and white, and arranging still lifes from items that are not often used as photographic subjects.

My photographs are available for sale as prints in a variety of sizes on archival paper, metal, acrylic and wood. Please contact me at johngoddardjr@icloud.com for information about purchasing them.